March 26, 2023
What is Artificial Intelligence

What is Artificial Intelligence

In the last few years, there has been rapid development in the field of AI (Artificial Intelligence). Along with this, many such wonderful machines have been made, which are capable of thinking, understanding, and taking decisions just like humans. But the question is whether it is Artificial Intelligence. And how does it work? Also, what is its use in our daily life? And what is its future? Can AI technology become a threat to us in the future? Come, let’s know in detail.

AI (Artificial Intelligence)

We use many machines from the time we wake up in the morning to the time we go to sleep at night. Such as Smartphones, computers, Printers, laptops, TV, fans, Cooler, freezes, AC, geysers and don’t know what. But most machines need human help. That means they have to operate. That is why we need such machines, which can work without human help. 

Although we have made many automatic machines in this direction. But most machines are limited to On/Off only. That is, they cannot do the work of that level, which they should do. For this, they still need human help. In such a situation, Artificial Intelligence is needed to make the machines fully automatic.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is one such branch of computer science. In which machines develop the ability to think, understand and take decisions. That is, machines are made intelligentSo that they can take decisions after thinking like humans. And can work without human help.

If we say it in simple language, then artificial intelligence is the ‘brain’ of the machines. With the help of this, they can take informed decisions. And can work independently without any help. That is, the way humans find a solution to any problem with the help of their mind. Similarly, with the help of AI, machines can also solve their problems.

Artificial Intelligence is called ‘ artificial intelligence ‘ in Hindi. Which means man-made understanding, or man-made intelligence. It is also called machine intelligence or machine mind. With the help of this, machines are made sensible and intelligent. so that they can work automatically. And their dependence on humans can be reduced.

Discovery of Artificial Intelligence

John McCarthy was the first to tell the world about Artificial Intelligence. That is why he is called the father of Artificial Intelligence. John McCarthy was an American computer scientist and researcher. In 1956 he attended a workshop at Dartmouth CollegeAnd gave detailed information about Artificial Intelligence.

According to John McCarthy, Artificial Intelligence is a high level of computer science. With the help of this intelligence can be developed in machines. That is, such Robots and Computer Programs can be made. Which works on the principle of the human brain. And use the same logic that the human brain does.

Types of Artificial Intelligence

By the way, there are many types of artificial intelligence. But mainly it is divided into 4 types:- Types of AI (Artificial Intelligence)

  1. Purely Reactive
  2. Limited Memory
  3. Brain Theory
  4. Self Conscious

1. Purely Reactive AI

It is completely reactive. That is, there is a reaction in response to the action. For example, take Deep Blue Chess Program only. It was a chess program developed by IBM that defeated Garry Kasparov in the 1990s. While it had no memory. That is, it was not able to remember its previous moves. But still, it defeated such a big chess grandmaster.

Deep Blue only reacts in response to the action. That is, he used to respond to his opponent’s move after understanding it. But Deep Blue’s move was so perfect that even the biggest grandmaster would be stunned to see it. And to be honest, this is the real power of AI.

2. Limited Memory AI

Such machines are kept in this category and have little memory. For example, take Self Driving Cars only. They can remember their past experiences. And can use them in the future. Such as breaking in an emergency. Or walking carefully in crowded areas etc.

However, such machines do not store data for a long time. Because memory is less. That’s why only recent experiences are remembered. But if needed, they can delete their old data. And can store new data.

3. Brain Theory AI

This is currently a Hypothetical Concept. Which is based on the principle of the human brain. It uses the logic that the human brain uses to understand and process information. That is, it is capable of thinking, understanding, and processing information like a human mind.

But so far no such machine has been made, which works on this principle. Brain Theory AI is just a concept. Work is yet to be done on this. Although it has been successful to some extent. But it is not so easy to copy the human brain completely. This is a very complicated job.

4. Self-Conscious AI

It is also called Self Awareness AI. Under this, such machines come, which can not only think like humans. Rather, it can also feel happiness-sorrow, happiness-sorrow, jealousy-jealousy, etc. very well. That is, like humans, they can understand the state of mind of others. And can find out what the person in front is thinking?  

However, so far no such machine has been made, which has its Consciousness. But work has been going on in this direction for years. And efforts are on to make such machines that are self-conscious. But so far there has been no success in this. If such a machine is made, we may be able to solve the mystery of life.

Applications of Artificial Intelligence

With the help of Artificial Intelligence, it has become very easy to remove the complexities and explore new possibilities. Today, from education to manufacturing and from share market to space, AI is being used everywhere. Also, it is being used extensively in our daily life. Let us have a look at the major applications of Artificial Intelligence.

  • Computer Games
  • Machine Vision
  • Speech Recognition
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Expert Systems
  • Surveillance
  • Machine Learning _
  • Supercomputers _ _
  • Intelligent Robots

These are some of the major applications in which Artificial Intelligence is used. But the question is, does AI have any use in our daily life as well? If yes, how? Where is artificial intelligence used? Come, let’s know in detail.

Use of Artificial Intelligence

If you think that Artificial Intelligence is used only in Robotics. So you are wrong. Because today there is no such field where artificial intelligence is not used. Let us see some examples.

1. Education System

AI is widely used in the field of education. Artificial Intelligence is used in Online Exams to Automated Grading SystemsBut this is not enough. Because all the children in the same class are not the same. Some are very intelligent and some are average.

In such a situation, every student should get an education according to his level. But there is no such system in our current education system. That is why the emphasis is on online education nowadays. Because smart and personalized content is made available with the help of AI. Along with this, students get many options for clearing Doubts and Self-EvaluationApart from this, Tutors also benefit a lot from this.

2. Healthcare Sector

Nowadays such machines have come, which can detect diseases by peeping inside the human body. And find their cure. Also, Complicated Surgeries can be performed. And can save the life of a dying person. If put in simple language, AI is no less than a boon for the healthcare sector.

Due to AI, a new revolution has come in the healthcare sector. Today surgery is done with the help of robots. Incurable diseases are treated by sending small robots inside the body. Life-saving drugs and vaccines are tested. Overall, Artificial Intelligence is proving to be a boon for the medical world.

3. Finance Sector

There are reports and analyses from all over the world in the financial sector. In which a lot of time is spent. That is why AI is used in data analysis and preparing personalized reports. AI is most needed especially in Automation and Predictive Analysis.

Big Financial Institutions and Banks use AI to make their work easier. Also use Chatbots to fill forms, open new accounts, answer questions and take feedback from customers. Which works with the help of AI. Apart from this, AI is also widely used in Financial Software and Tools.


The construction industry requires maximum labor and time. That is why AI is used extensively in this field. This not only saves time, labor and energy. Rather, there is a huge saving of money as well. That’s why nowadays most of the work in the Manufacturing Industry is done by machines. And each machine does the work of thousands of people.

Although machines were used earlier also. But most of the machines had to be operated manually. That’s why human labor was needed. But nowadays almost machines have become automatic, which work automatically. And gives more production in less time.

5. Surveillance

AI is also used extensively in surveillance systems. Enemies are monitored through video cameras. And through computer programs, the difference between humans, animals, and objects is known. Along with this, the enemy is detected by analyzing Audio Samples and Pictures.

Machine vision is used to identify the enemy. Machine vision is an advanced technology, with the help of which the length, width, speed, shape, and movement of an object are detected. It is a set of Algorithms and Mathematical Procedures. Which can accurately identify the observed object. In Hindi, it is called ‘machine vision. It is mostly used in Satellites and Surveillance Systems.

6. Space Exploration

The work of Space Exploration is the most challenging job. That is why AI has a huge contribution to this. I would like to tell you that complete control of Space Missions is automatic. And the instruments that are sent into space to do research, do their work on their own. In such a situation, the work of Space Exploration is almost impossible without AI.

7. Daily Life

Now AI is being used in everyday tasks as well. Most home appliances have now become smarter and more automatic than before. From LED Bulb to TV and AC to Refrigerators, everything has started working with the help of AI. Amazon Alexa and Google Voice Assistant have become an integral part of our daily lives.

Home security is now in the hands of AI. There is not even the slightest movement that the whole neighborhood comes to know. Because the alarm starts buzzing. And now driver-less cars have also come which can take you safely to your destination. That means neither the hassle of hiring a driver nor the tension of paying a salary. Overall, AI has become a part of our life.

Future of Artificial Intelligence

If we see according to today, then the future of Artificial Intelligence looks very bright. Because gradually we are becoming dependent on machines. And in the coming time, we will be completely dependent on machines for most of our daily work. It means that without machines we will not be able to do any work.

On the other hand, machines will become so advanced and smart that there will be no need to give commands to them. Which means they will do everything themselves. Thoughtfully and responsibly. In such a situation, we will become even lazy and like comfortable. Because the habit of working will be missed. And this is the moment everyone dreads. 

Threat from Artificial Intelligence

There has been this apprehension about Artificial Intelligence since the beginning! That it can become a big danger for us in the future. Because those jobs will also be in danger due to intelligent machines. For which highly educated and intelligent people are needed. Although computers have already eliminated millions of jobs. In such a situation, unemployment can increase.

The second fear is when machines will start making decisions on their own. So they will not listen to us. Rather, in every case, she will use her mind and do what she feels is right. If we interrupt, they will refuse to work. And we have to bow down to them. Because without them we will not be able to do any work. That’s why putting intelligence in machines can prove to be harmful to us.

Also what if the machines rebelled together? Many films have also been made on this subject. Robot movie was based on this topic. Although movies may be fictional, the power of AI is not fictional. Such a situation can come at anytime. Machines can attack humans by forming their union. And can make the whole human race its slave.

AI: Summary

Today Artificial Intelligence is proving to be very useful for us. Because with its help, better results are obtained in less time. Along with this, a lot of time, money, and human labor is also being saved. But there is another aspect to it as well, which is quite worrying. Jobs are ending because of machines. And unemployment is increasing.

It is expected that through this article, what is Artificial Intelligence? What is its use in our daily life? How is the future of AI? And how can it become a threat to us? Would have found useful information on this topic. If you liked this article, then like and share it. And subscribe to for more such articles. So that whenever we publish a new article, you will get its information!

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