March 28, 2023

What does DGP mean

DGP is a post of the police department, the person who gets the post of DGP in the police department, that person becomes the biggest officer of the police department, but only the person who has IPS can get this post. (IPS ) This post of DGP is a respectable post, in which the person is given respect as well as a good salary.

There is only one D.G.P, who, using his powers, works to maintain the law and order of his area. This post of D.G.P is the last and top post of the police department, in the police department only the D.G.P is given the biggest post. So if you also want to know about DGP, then here you are being provided with complete information about what is the meaning of D.G.P., the full form of D.G.P, how to become D.G.P, salary, and qualifications.

Full form of DGP

The full form of D.G.P is ‘Director General Of Police , its pronunciation is ‘Director General of Police . At the same time, DGP is also called ‘Director General of Police. It is said to be the largest police department officer of any state in India, IPS is appointed on the basis of Civil Services Examination. A person appointed to the post of D.G.P. in the police department is accorded the status equivalent to that of a cabinet minister in the state.

How to become DGP

This post of D.G.P is considered to be the biggest post in the police department, to get this post, the youth have to work the most, only after that they are able to appear in the APS exam. After this, the youth who get success in this exam, then those candidates are selected for the post of D.G.P and they get this respectable post.

How to apply for this post

A person who wants to get this post has to first get the post of IPS, after that the person who gets this post is appointed as Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) , then he is appointed as Additional Superintendent of Police (ASP ). ) is entrusted with the responsibility of working on the post, after that the person is appointed to the post of Superintendent of Police (SP) , then later he is selected on the post of Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP). After this, that person is given the post of Inspector General of Police (DIGP). Then that person gets the post of Inspector General of Police (IGP). After this, that person is assigned the responsibility of the post of Additional Director General of Police (ADGP), then now finally that person is appointed to the post of Director General of Police (DGP).

Exam for DGP

To become a DGP , first of all you have to appear in the Civil Services examination conducted by UPSC i.e. Union Public Service Commission . After this, if you get success in this exam, then you are given the post of IPS officer and then after promotion, you will be able to get the post of DGP i.e. Director General of Police.

Qualification to become DGP

To get this post, it is necessary for the candidate to get success in at least graduating. Therefore, candidates who have not graduated, those candidates cannot apply for this post.

Age limit to become DGP

To apply for the post of DGP , the minimum age of the candidate is 21 years and the maximum age is 32 years. Candidates belonging to the reserved category are given relaxation of some years as per the rules.

Salary of DGP

After the Seventh Pay Commission, the Director General of Police is provided salary up to Rs 56,100 – 2,25,000 + grade pay per month.

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